Taken from: Cairo International Song Festival
Among the best said about Warda since her childhood till she reached the top of her fame, was Abd El Wahab's words about her: "She has a nice, broad voice with special abilities, that other singers lack. I feel safe when she sings my tunes and I am sure people will receive them so easily".
The Beginning

Warda was born in Paris of an Algerian father & Lebanese mother, In 1954 when She was fifteen years old, the Algerian revolution took place, her talent became so obvious, her father & elder brother "Hamidou" permitted her to sing at their own amusement center. It was so famous among the Arabs residing in Beirut by presenting Arab songs. At first She used to imitate Asmahan & Om Kolthoum, i.e. singing their songs, together with her French songs.
Her brother taught her Arabic Language, then Ahmad Eltigany, manager of the Arabic Department in Paris Radio, the one who discovered her talent, used to write her Arabic words in Latin letters, Her brother was responsible of helping her to read the Arabic Language, when She came to Egypt, Fatouh Nashaty gave her some training concerning Egyptian accent & elocution.
Warda left Paris shortly after that as the French authorities, all of a sudden closed their center, hotel, then confiscated their building, claiming that her father Mohammad Fatouky was aiding the Algerian fighters by giving them shelter & weapons during Algeria's battle against the French occupied forces.
The 2nd Stage

Warda's second stage was in Beirut, her mother's homeland, as her father's return to his country was so risky, She found herself many fans there. When She was in the seventeenth, She started singing for the first time in an amusement center located in the mountains; Warda was so lucky to find out that Mohammad Abd ElWahab the great composer was among the attendees. His friend Flimon Wahba persuaded him to listen to her voice; in return Abd ElWahab praised her talent, which later on made other composers so keen to offer her their tunes.
Warda was a success in Beirut, capable of singing in Lebanese, Algerian and Egyptian accents specially the songs of Asmahan, Om Kolthoum & Laila Morad, Also in French as her mother tongue.
The 3rd Stage

Beirut has been the starting point for every artist, aiming to be eminent at Cairo " Hollywood of the East". Her golden opportunity was in 1959, when She was presented at the Broadcasting celebration by the late announcer Galal Mowad in Damascus. The occasion was the 1st anniversary of the Egyptian Syrian Unity. At that celebration, She sang two songs: I am from Algeria, I am Arab and " Ana men ElGazaer ,Ana Arabia", Beautiful" Gameela", her success was outstanding, then She came to Cairo to fulfill her dreams. She met the late TV director Mohammad Salem who asked Riad ElSonbati, the great composer, to give her one of his tunes. Her first song was "Leibet El Ayam" which was shot at the TV, broadcasted many times.
Warda became famous in no time, many composers participated with her in many songs, as Mohammad Fawzy & Baligh Hamdi then She was offered from both composers & cinema companies to be a movie star, She starred in two films in the years 1962, 1963 under the name of: " Almaz" & "Amirat AlArab". Warda faced many problems, and as a result of a rumor, She left to Algeria where She got married to an Algerian responsible then She gave birth to two kids: Riad & Wedad. After a short time, they got divorced, She returned back to Egypt to presume her activity with a song composed by Baligh Hamdy:"Ad ElOyoon ElSoud", then they fell in love, got married for about seven years.
Warda in Brief:

She has more than two hundred songs by great composers as: Riad ElSonbaty, Mohammad Abd ElWahab, Baligh Hamdy, Kamal ELTaweel, Mohammad ElMogy, Farid ElAtrash, Sayed Mekawy, Mahmoud ElSherif, Helmy Bakr, Amar ElSherei, Monir Morad, Abd ElAzim Mohammad, Mohammad ElQasabgy, Fouad Helmy, Helmy Ameen, Ibrahim Rafaat, Mohammad Fawzy, Gamal Salama, Mohammad Sultan, Mohammad Mohsen, Samy ElHefnawy & Salah ElSharnouby.
  • She starred other four films: " Sout ElHob", " Hekayty Maa ElZaman" in 1973, " Ah Ya Leil Ya Zaman" in 1977, "Leih Ya Donia" in 1993.
  • She performed only one play" Tamr Henna", and one series" Awraq ElWard".
  • She sang one of Abd ElWahab's famous songs" Ya Mesafer Wahdak", and another of Farid El Atrash's " Ahbabena Ya Ein" , which were of a great success.
  • Her last song was " Bawadaak" composed by Baligh Hamdy, who died few months later.
  • Her last album " Ana Leyah Meen Gherak" was in May 2001.

By: Paul Harding
Not much Middle Eastern popular music gets released in the states, but when it does, it often makes a refreshing treat. The new album by Arabic star Warda is no exception. Her popularity has been understandably expanding for over 30 years, especially in Egypt.
Warda grew up in Paris above her father's Arabic night club, sneaking downstairs to listen to the bands and singing to herself. At the age of eleven she was discovered and put on French radio. Later she lived and performed in Lebanon, Egypt and eventually back to her father's home of Algeria.
Warda's self titled release is a collection of some of her works from the first half of the nineties. Her passionate vocals work as perfectly with the soaring orchestral strings as they do with upbeat synthesized accompaniment, between which the album carries a delicate balance. Known as "The Rose of Algeria," Warda at the same time coaxes emotions with her voice and compels physical response with her Arabic dance rhythms.

By: Tim Sheridan
You may well have heard Warda (born Warda Al Jazairia) as background noise in some Middle-Eastern restaurant and not thought twice. But a closer listen to this heady mix of Eastern rhythms and Western contemporary pop just might put your head in a spin.
Warda's sultry voice is set against a background of lush strings, finger cymbals and assorted exotica. All the tunes here run an average of eight minutes, but if you decide to explore something a little different, you may just thank yourself.

From: Egyptian Castle Website
Warda is a very popular singer in the Arab world and especially in Egypt, where she has moved to from Algeria many years ago. Warda has a unique style in singing and a  beautiful powerful voice, yet passionate and soft.  She has acted in few movies with many famous Egyptian Actors. She is still todate active and enjoying a spot at the top of the singers list in Egypt.

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