Anniversary of Mohammad Al-Mougi: A Prominent Composer

Mohammad Al-Mougi is a prominent contemporary composer who enriched Egyptian artistic life for almost half a century. Born on March 4,1923 in the north Delta Town of Biala, M. Al-Mougi adored music since his early childhood, as his father was fond of music and skilled at playing Oud(lute). His uncle, too, loved art and had a library of musical and lyrical records of the great stars of the time, such as Sheikh Youssef Almanyalawi, Abdel Hay Hilmy, Munira Almahdya and Umm Kalthoum. Al-Mougi used to spend a great part of his leisure time listening to those rare records.

His love for music was so overwhelming that he changed his career from agronomy to art. In view of his fine singing voice and strong encouragement by his relatives and friends, he was stimulated to pursue his artistic course.He was fascinated with the leading composer Abdel Wahab.

Al-Mougi learnt playing the lute and acquainted himself with the musical keys and harmony. He approached Radio Cairo for approval as a singer, but his creative talent as a composer overshadowed his talent as a singer.

Al-Mougi composed music for almost all radio singers, Egyptians and Arabs, of whom many became famous through his melodies. He is considered one of the most proficient and expressive lute players, He was influenced by two leading lute players: the proficient Mohammad Al Qasabgi and Riad As-Sunbaty.

Major Works:

As a prolific artist, Al-Mougi took part in all cinema, TV, radio and theatrical productions. He composed some musical pieces such as: "Banat Bahary" besides program music for two films "The Dancer Girl and The Drummer" and "The Gang".

In 1954,Al-Mougi made his first composition for the most renowned singer Umm-Kalthoum,widely known as the star of the Orient namely the national song "Egypt, the Right Has Come Back". She later performed seven songs for Al-Mougi,of which the last was "Ask Yourself" in 1970.

He contributed to musical Theatre. His musical composition "The Gift Of Life" was presented by the Musical Theatre Troupe and "Hassan the shrewd" " Widad The Gypsy", "Himdan And Bahana"by the lyrical show Troupe.

In the cinematic field Al-Mougi participated in films of big stars such as Abdel-Halim Hafez, Shadia, Sabah, Nor-Alhuda, Warda, Fayza Ahmed, Muharram Fouad, MaherAI-Attar among others. In 1970, he played acting and singing parts in two films "A Love Journey" and "Myself and My Heart".

Al-Mougi also composed some children's melodies such as "You Became As Tall As Me ". He composed some songs and program music of TV series such as "Curlew Prayers" which included 20 of Almougy's melodies sung by Amira Salem.

In 1960 he founded "Al-Mougi School" for music and singing where the basics of art were taught and some singers who later gained fame, graduated such as Adel-Maamoun, Maher AI-Attar, Muharram Fouad and Maha Sabry.

Al-Mougi left a strong impact on contemporary art life both through teaching and introducing new generations of singers.

During his life time, Al-Mougi receivied several awards and orders of merit from Egypt and other Arab states,inculding the order of Merit of the first class awarded to him by President Mohammad Anwar Al-Sadat.

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